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 To Join Our Team

….in order to help you and other small business owners to:

Survive in the present-day state of the economy;

increase your income;

decrease operating expenses; and

acquire more customers.

To do this, we are working to provide a one-stop service offering the following opportunities to provide the help your business needs:

Passive Home Businesses
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Affiliate Marketing

Coming Soon!

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YouTube Businesses

Coming Soon!

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Reseller Opportunities

Coming Soon!

Referral Groups

Bill’s Better Referrals

A networking, referral group, strictly for businesses, that out-distances any other company by offering:

  • More benefits than just networking.
  • No sign-up costs. Low cost monthly membership fees.
  • No penalty for cancellations.
  • Regular chapter meetings using Zoom.

We are the competition!

For Firms Having Multi Branch Offices and/or Outside Salespeople

If you are not using Referral Networking, you are losing out on one of the most important aspects of successful businesses. Doing so will greatly improve the efficiency and increase the results salespeople get from their efforts.

Our goal is to make them work smarter and more effectively…..not harder.

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