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Who Should Join?

who should join

Note: Our business is just starting up and as such, we do not have any chapters established at this time except for our Online Meetup Referral Group . If you want to be placed on a waiting list until one comes to your area, please sign up to be notified on the mail list at the bottom of the page.

If you want to “start” a chapter go here for more information.

  • For small businesses, referral networking groups is the new paradigm and wave of the future. Now is your chance to join and grow your business.
  • Everyone who needs and wants to network with other business owners can greatly benefit from joining a networking referral group. And, today, with tools like Zoom it is not necessary to leave home to do so and can reduce your time involvement and is very cost-effective.
  • This new concept applies not only to brick and mortar firms but is especially appealing to the small home-based businesses who are looking for inexpensive ways to increase business and reduce expenses.

  • “BBB” is combining two or more types of membership-based businesses together under one roof gives its members a highly adaptable entity accommodating their personal and business needs. It enters the market as a “First Mover, ” with no competition, thereby giving it a unique advantage of positioning itself for rapid growth and profit potential for your business.

  • The high cost and fees charged by existing referral businesses are a deterrent to a large market segment of small businesses that are unable to afford to patronize them. It is anticipated that many of their existing members will abandon them for “BBB” and thereby realize large cost savings combined with added services all in one place.

  •  Please check out our present “competitor’s websites” shown on this page in the pricing chart below, where you will find out the following things:
    • The benefits of participating in a networking, referral group program.
    • What they offer in the way of other services.
    • What mandatory and restrictive rules do you have to follow?
    • What are the costs to belong to them?

For people who are considering joining this group, here is an article you might fine interesting titled “6 Reasons Not to Join BNI.

With these companies’ ability to hire top professional web development firms who know what to say to convince you to use their high priced services, I don’t want to waste time trying to outdo them or reinvent the wheel. They are good at telling you the benefits of belonging to some referral organizations….heed them. “BBB” offers the same and more benefits and where you don’t have to pay so much to realize them.

Small Businesses Are Ignored by Big Businesses

It is felt that while the benefits offered by these organizations are impressive, they lose sight of small business people like ourselves who can’t afford their kind of fees. As a result of realizing this, Bill’s Better Businesses has been created to solve some of these problems facing us and in removing some of the obstacles we have to overcome in running our businesses.

Being a small business person who has developed over 30 bootstrapped business, BBB’s founder is now presenting a viable alternative to what is presently available and there is more to come in the near future.

Our goal is to incorporate many problem-solving solution services under one roof in order to eliminate duplication of business overhead. Let us know what kind of service would help you and your business.


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  • Typically, referral groups are local in nature depending on the size and reach of your business. Many areas can support numerous chapters due to this local nature and which only allows one of a business category in any chapter. Or, you can build your business to cover a larger geographical area in which case you can have as many chapters as needed to do so.
  • You can network on a large scale from home using Zoom!

  • When you join “BBB” Referral Groups, you will initially have access to far more necessary services in order to grow your businesses with substantially far less cost than if you belonged to each of the competition’s business separately as now required.

  • “BBB” has a modestly priced fee structure and less restrictive rules than the competition. This is possible as our organization is not overburdened with a high-salaried administration or bloated, fixed overhead costs of corporate offices and facilities.

  • The lower cost will enable a greater number of businesses to join each new chapter thereby realizing a cost-savings for you in order to generate new business among more members and in the operation of your businesses.

  • In addition to how they would profit from their chapter members, there are opportunities for Chapter Leaders to profit by helping establish new chapter leaders.

  • Profits from “BBB” will be used to provide more benefits and services to the members.

  • All of our businesses incorporate some sort of free or fee-free introductory offer in order to allow you time to realize the promised benefits. NOTE: If you think we could incorporate other benefits or services, please let us know.
To see a working Online Meetup Chapter: Click here and sign up for a visit.

If there is no chapter near you, consider starting one yourself. Click here for more info.

Bill's Better Businesses - Referral Chapters
See Special Intro. Offer Below. Monthly Membership Fees: Storefront - $25/mo, Home-based - $10/mo
Special Introductory Offer: 3-months Free Trial. (Normally $95 One-time only Admin. fee to register.)
No application fees.
Easy monthly payments. Terminate any time without penalty.
Chapter Leaders pay no fees.
Online access to Zoom meetings.
Relaxed membership requirements.
$299 application fee. $699 yearly membership fee.
Some chapters have additional fees for annual or monthly dues,to cover the cost of the meeting space, refreshments and outside, member-only activities.
Check their website with the blue button below for the features they offer.
$430 for new membership
Check their website for the limited features they offer.
The Referrals Group
Memberships start at $650/year
Check their website for the limited features they offer.

Don’t delay, sign up now to start realizing the benefits!

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