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"Wanted": Chapter Leaders

Empowering small businesses for success

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What We Offer:

A business that is timely for today’s economy and geared mainly toward small businesses.

The chapters that we established can be located anywhere in the U.S.A. This type of business is ideally suited for most any size local neighborhood or larger area where you currently live or typically operate. Since there is only one member of any type of business category allowed in a chapter there is a greater opportunity for having many chapters in any particular area.

There are usually many similar ones in any geographical area e.g. lawyers, bankers, landscapers, and other types of businesses, then you can see that there is a great potential for that area to support numerous chapters.

A Professional Organization That You Can Afford

Most small businesses can afford our reasonable fee structure and can benefit greatly from the services of the referral and other business-related services that we offer now and are working on to have in the future. There really is no limit of services that can be incorporated under our umbrella all of which serve to give you more bang for your buck and helps you to prosper.

It’s time for small businesses to make a comeback and recapture market share taken by the larger conglomerates. According to a recent article discussing this, it said:

The good news is customers support local. A recent “Nextdoor” survey found that 75% of members are willing to pay more for products from a local small business than from a big box or chain store, and 78% of them said sit-down restaurants are some of their favorite local businesses to support.

Liberal Terms For You to Become Part of Our Team

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In that we are a new start-up we are just beginning to get new chapters established so they can start accepting members. To do this we are offering very liberal terms with Special Introductory Offers for those of you who will join us to start building your future by helping other small businesses in your community.

This offer will not last indefinitely but is for a limited time only.

Each chapter serves its local area yet will have the bartering capacity to reach out nationally to other “BBB” and competitor’s exchanges.

Chapter Leaders will be selected from the following;

  • someone from an existing “BBB” chapter’s membership,
  • ¬†Someone with past experience being a member of one of our competitor’s chapters,
  • Someone who has their own business and desires to start their own referral networking chapter.

Right now, whether you are a woman or man, you can become a Chapter Leader if you can show us you have the ability and desire to lead a group of your peers.

Qualifications to be a Chapter Leader

  • Have an existing business and want to learn how to work smarter….not longer.
  • Wanting to complement your business to increase your income and customers.
  • Able to meet and chat with people.
  • Willing to work a few hours a week on Leader duties.
  • Have an ethical approach as to how to run a business and treat members.
  • Willing to learn the basics of running a business.
  • Have the. drive and perseverance to be successful.

While our competitor’s chapters average about 30 members each, we anticipate that with our reasonable membership fees, you can expect our chapters to acquire a larger membership base. With their high fees and limited services our competitors tend to have fewer chapters in any one area. And, if they have any, it’s probably because they are the only game in town and members know the advantages of networking and referrals.

If you feel you have the qualifications and a desire to run your own business that has no competition, then this limited opportunity might be right for you.

Summary of Benefits From BBB

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  • We empower you with the opportunity to make and save more money for you personally and for youra business.
  • There is no cash investment required to start a chapter…..zip, zero, nada, bupkis! Remember…..this is a limited time offer. Don’t wait to join up.
  • You pay no membership fees while serving as Chapter Leader.
  • Chapter Leaders will have the title of President and run the chapter as they see fit and in keeping with the established rules of membership.
  • You can appoint or elect other officers to help you operate the chapter.
  • NEW:You will be provided with software that will track your members and will enable you to start out as a paperless organization. The software will automate a significant amount of day-to-day organizational work and be mobile, tablet, and computer friendly.
  • You will not need to worry about being responsible for handling any money as there are no fees to collect for monthly membership payments. They will go directly to corporate using the Barter’s Marketplace software accounting capability to handle the member fees.
  • Most periodic meetings will be facilitated by using Zoom where you will conduct periodic meetings. These can be weekly, bi-monthly at a time most convenient to you and your members, from your home, office, or wherever you can conduct an informal but productive business-like meeting.
  • You will receive support from our office regarding training and materials to set you up and operate your chapter.
  • There are ample chances for Chapter Presidents to advance in the new entities along with resulting opportunities for increasing their income.
  • Additionally, you will make money from having potentially more members in your chapter who can give you referrals and increase your income.
  • There are more ways to receive benefits, but the above should be a good start and enough to convince you that this is right for you.

Decision Time

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We hope that now you realize that this is a limited time offer open until we sign up the first 50 Chapter Leaders. It will be your only “free” opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a business with a lot of potential to grow. You can be part of it by acting “NOW” ….tomorrow might be too late.

Barter is the new paradigm and the wave of the future. Don’t miss out!!

Nicholas Murray Butler who was the President of Columbia University in New York said:

  • There are people who make things happen;
  • There are people who watch things happen; and
  • There are people who wonder what happened.

And the corollary by George S. Patton Jr.: Either lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way!

Which one are you???

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With our limited time offer of a membership fee-free for Chapter Leaders, how can you lose? Don’t delay….

Have more questions? Come to our Online Meetup Referral Group and “Join” in to see how we operate.