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Multi-Branch Firms

Multi-Branch Firms With More Than One Outside Salesperson

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Save Big Bucks With Us

If you have more than one salesperson or branch office, you need to know this in order to save big bucks for your company.

If you are not using Referral Networking and Bartering, you are losing out on one of the most important aspects of successful businesses. Doing so will greatly improve the efficiency and increase the results salespeople get from their efforts. Our goal is to make them work smarter and more effectively…..not harder.

Referral Networking is unbeatable to help you outdistance your competition. This is the wave of the future in the present economy.

If you don’t know the advantages of referral networking for your business, read these articles:

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If your sales people are using existing referral networking groups, what are you up against?

  • Sometimes high-sign up or subscrption fees;
  • Annual membership fees (these two alone might run up to $1,000 for the first year with BNI.) If you had numerous branch offices, the cost could become quite burdensome.
  • Additional chapter fees for meals, chapter activities, etc.
  • Stringent rules such as required attendance or referral, plus time involvement for salespeople having to attend meetings at some location.
  • Only one sales rep can attend any particular group. What if the geographic area only had a few chapters and you had numerous branches in that same geographic area? Some of your sales personnel would get left out.
  • In any existing group, members have little or no say in what other businesses or prospects for your business referrals accepted as members. The only control is the new members your people invited. 
  • How much interaction with other groups does the existing group have available to them?
  • You can probably come up with more…..
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The Ultimate Solution:

The Benefits of Adding Bill’s Better Business Networking Chapters to Your Company’s Standard Operating Procedures

  • For a limited time only, there is no cost to start up any number of chapters anywhere in the U.S.A..
  • There are no membership fees for Chapter Leaders.
  • Chapter Leaders will be supported with our help to get their chapters up and running and out looking for prospects.
  • Chapter leaders can cherry-pick their members from businesses that would be potential customers or who can provide good referrals.
  • NEW: Each Chapter will be provided with software that will track your members and will enable you to start out as a paperless organization. The software will automate a significant amount of day-to-day organizational work and be mobile, tablet, and computer friendly.
  • From their home or office, Chapter leaders can hold periodic meetings at a convenient time for them and their members utilizing Zoom technology.
  • The Chapter meetings are run under the same basic format as the successful larger existing groups.
  • The Chapters operate under a less restrictive set of Chapter Rules than existing competitors.
  • And the list goes on….
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Keep in mind that Chapters are independent operations regardless of how many other Chapters that exist. The results that they will produce are based strictly on the Chapter Leader’s ability to run a Chapter along with the quality of the members they choose and not how many chapters we have.

We all have to start somewhere. This is ours and you now have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a special introductory offer. How many other firms offer this combination. We are “First Movers” in this category. It shows you that we are innovative…..and this is just a start of what we want to implement under our banner.

As a professional business person, whether or not you are using a referral group, you should concentrate more on what you are getting here and how it will save you money and increase the effectiveness of your sales team rather than our size. We’ll both grow together. Maybe you’ll even get a promotion for making a great decision to use us and save your company a pile of money :–)).

But just think of all the benefits of having all your chapters linked together under Bill’s Better Business flag rather that one of our high-priced, bureaucratic, competitors. You know that this will be a good fit and what have you got to lose by trying to start even one test chapter…..zilch, zero, nada, bupkis?

Please try to start your test here in Venice if possible as this has been our home for the last 30 years. That way, we can work closely with the new test chapter to make it a success.

FYI: The founder has experience in belonging to referral groups and started with LeTip in California back in the 80’s. When he came to Venice, he started one of the first informal networking groups which had up to 40 members.

As far as bartering, he belonged to IBE – Sarasota Bartering exchange when it first started in Sarasota. He was a Real Estate Broker in California in the 80’s and is a Gold Card holding member of the National Council of Exchangors (for real estate 1031 exchanges).  To top it off, he has been a small business owner for the last 50 years who started over 20 different businesses which he boot-strapped by himself.

In helping the small business owners, who are the life-blood of our country, we feel that the same benefits can accrue to larger companies can help businesses like yours. Good business practices are universal and not exclusive to anyone….but they have to be affordable.

To top it off, Bill’s Better Businesses is a lean, flexible company that isn’t burdened with high-salaried employees and prohibitive overhead of lush corporate offices.

These savings are passed on to you! After you have seen what our competition offers then come back here and let us know of any special needs to implement these chapters for your company. But please keep in mind that this ground-floor opportunity offer is for a limited time only and will not last forever. Remember: the first passengers to ride a train get the best seats.

Have more questions? Come to our online Meetup Referal Group and “Join” in to see how we operate.

Email us today letting us know you want to take advantage of Chapters for Multi-Branch offices so we can get started serving you. billsbetterbusinesses@gmail.com